AOJ Quizzes approved for AOC CE

Official Journal of the American Association of Certified Orthoptists

Format of quizzes
Each quiz contains multiple choice (one correct answer) and true/false questions. Each journal has two quizzes that can be taken separately. Quiz number corresponds to the volume number; quiz 57/1 is from the 2007 journal. The questions are all based on the individual articles in the journal. Prior knowledge of the content area is not necessary.

Idea for an in-service educational offering
Consider ordering one journal to share in the office. Assign articles and discuss them as a group. Each individual who requests continuing education credits, however, must order a quiz and complete it individually.

Cost of quiz and how to order
Quizzes may be ordered via e-mail. Payment of $40 each quiz can only be made by check or money order payable to AOJ Quiz. When ordering, please specify which quiz or quizzes should be sent; quiz 56/1 or quiz 57/1 and 57/2, etc. Numbers correspond to the volume number 56=2006.

Need a journal? Call UW Press: 608 263-1110
Borrow a journal from a colleague orthoptist or pediatric ophthalmologist or purchase one through UW Press, Journals Division. Payment for journals is possible by credit card.

Quizzes currently available

All quizzes from volume 47-60 are available for AOC credit, 5 hours CE each

CE awarded

Each quiz when successfully completed is worth 5 hours of CE. More than one quiz can be submitted for CE in any renewal period.

To place an order or obtain additional information:

Check out the website for the Journal: