AOC CE Application form 2015-2016

Application for AOC approved Continuing Education Credits

Email to:
Bonita Schweinler, CO Chairperson Continuing Education Committee


Please submit a copy of the scientific program that you wish to have the CE Committee review for continuing education credit.  Information should include:

1] Title of Program:

2] Program Dates and Location:

3] Name and address of Sponsoring organization:

4] Name and address [include e-mail when possible] of the Course coordinator:

5] Course description if not obvious from the title

6] List the speaker of each talk or scientific session;
- a short biographical sketch is required of all speakers other than ophthalmologists or certified orthoptists; data to include name, title, degree/certification or professional expertise [ie pharmacist, ophthalmic photographer, geneticist]

7] List the # of core & non-core CE hours requested for each talk or scientific session
- list start/end times of each talk,  panel discussion or question/answer period

The American Orthoptic Council assigns credits on a 1:1 basis in CORE and NON-CORE content areas.To expedite your application please indicate the number of core and non-core credit hours you wish to obtain for each talk as well as a total number for the entire program. [see following guidelines]

Feel free to contact the home office or CE committee chairperson if you have any questions regarding this application process.

Application Fee: $30 per credit hour, check payable to AOC and mailed to the home office (see address below)

Submit application to:
Bonita Schweinler  (

Include information 1-7 as described on the front page of instructions.

Questions? Contact:
AOC Home Office
3914 Nakoma Road
Madison, WI 53711 or: 608 233-5383

Guidelines for assigning core & non-core AOC credit hours

Core Topics include the following:

Ocular Anatomy and Neuro anatomy

Sensory and Motor Physiology

Ophthalmic Pharmacology

Optics including: Refractometry & diagnostic/therapeutic use of prisms

Assessment of VA/visual function and fixation

Detection and treatment of Amblyopia


Evaluation of eye movement disorders including saccadic velocity testing

Diagnostic evaluation, testing, measurement and treatment of strabismus

Principles of strabismus surgery

Any additional topics that are referenced in the Orthoptic Syllabus

Non-Core topics would include:

ophthalmic photography

operating room techniques

contact lenses

low vision

general ophthalmology

specialty areas of ophthalmology outside of the realm of pediatric ophthalmology, neuro-ophthalmology and strabismus

CE credit is NOT awarded for CPR or exam review courses